Unless you’re lucky enough to fly first class, airplane travel is hardly ever fun. Your in-flight meal looks vaguely like vomit, your knees are scraping against the old woman to your left, and you’ve got your other neighbor’s head resting gently on your shoulder. On a business trip, one of those strangers turns into your boss, and the situation becomes even more stressful.

Don’t worry. Just be sure to stay awake so as to avoid any awkward snoring. You’ll also want to stay sober, so steer clear of the in-flight drink cart. And don’t forget to throw on some Gillette Clear Gel, so your sweat doesn’t force your boss to request a new seat. Still stressing? Watch the video, and you’ll be able to breeze through your flight and maybe even come out with a promotion.

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This post is a sponsored collaboration between Gillette Clear Gel and Studio@Gawker.